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Continuum offers an auto accident claim revenue cycle management solution for hospital ED’s and physician groups who perform surgeries and provide ED services for these auto victims. Although auto accident claims make up a small percentage of a health system’s total claims, they present a significant potential for new and improved revenue. These claims; however, are extremely difficult and time consuming to manage and collect.

Continuum offers revenue cycle management companies a value-add solution for their hospitals and physician groups. The Continuum Solution is powered by our proprietary technology and guarantees proper coordination, billing and collection between No Fault and Liability payers. Our services ensure that every hospital, health system and physician group receives the maximum reimbursement possible on each auto accident claim without consuming valuable FTE time and resources.

Continuum Reporting Suite: Analyze Your Auto Claims Differently

Only Continuum provides your hospital and health system with a full range of reporting to adequately track every detail of your auto accident claim. Continuum has identified the most effective and efficient key performance and reporting indicators for the auto claim industry. And, because of Continuum’s proprietary system, your reporting suite can be fully customizable to meet your specific management needs.

Billing Efficiency
Billing Efficiency

Auto claims have to be billed fast and accurately to insure payment. Track days outstanding from date of service to billing, billing to payment, and more.

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Collection Data
Collection Data

How fast are you receiving payment on auto claims? Track the exact timing from DOS to collection and other collection data on each and every account.

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AR Aging Analysis
AR Aging Analysis

Different auto claims pay at different speeds. Track which AR should be paid quickly and which AR is ok to remain oustanding for longer periods of time.

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What does Continuum mean for you?

gfc-rcm-continuumTeaming with Continuum allows you to bring a trusted and proven auto accident claim solution to your hospital, health system, or physician group. As a trusted source within hospital and physician group management teams, you are expected to be the professional when it comes to increasing cash flow and maximizing profitability while providing cost-effective solutions. All of this can be done by adding the Continuum Solution as a part of your RCM product offering.

Help your clients free up their FTE time to pursue other needs and keep them free from stressful attorney headaches and correspondence as Continuum manages these auto accident claims from start to finish.

The Continuum Solution
  • Coordinate Benefits and Determine Payment Responsibility
  • Perfect Position on Auto Accident Claims
  • Accurate and Timely Processing of Auto Accident Claims
  • Manager Payer Payments
  • Follow up on Outstanding Balances
  • Compliance Guaranteed

Continuum Revenue Cycle Management Tools

Revenue leakage, write-offs, slow payments, lack of staff productivity, excessive A/R days and difficulty in collecting are just a few of the problems facing hospitals, health systems and physician groups when dealing with auto accident claims. Continuum is the solution to these challenges by perfecting and completing the RCM cycle for your client’s auto accident claims.

Increase the power of your revenue cycle management solution by teaming with Continuum to provide your clients with an auto accident solution that Continuum.

Continuum Online Portal Is Always Open

Continuum knows that everyone’s schedule is different. That’s why our online portal relays useful, real-time documentation and industry specific reporting around the clock. Access each and every auto accident account being managed by Continuum at your convenience while you review Continuum’s key performance and reporting indicators.

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